Monday, 25 May 2015

Need and Importance of Security Systems by ACE Solutionz, Pune.

In today's day and age, possessing a security system in your house, office and other general places is of utmost importance. 
The use of CCTV system has been on the rise in the last few years due to the effectiveness of the system in enhancing the security of any premises personal or official. Security systems is a term which ranges from a basic system that offers simple monitoring, a best value system for identification, and high resolution system that provides the best tools and software to identify and prosecute criminal offenders and keep a tab on everything that's happening around on a given premise.
The most popular use of CCTV is as a reliable tool for high security surveillance. One can find these security cameras in crowded places or locations where security concern forms top priority. Such places include banks, airports, ATM points, casinos etc. Individuals or organisations also choose to install CCTV cameras for their in-house security management.

ACE Solutionz in one such security system provider - which has helped nab thieves in a popular Pune society (the thief was the maid herself - caught on camera!) ACE has been helping various such housing societies and offices in and around Pune as well as across the country to secure themselves!

   Need For CCTV System:
There are many reasons why CCTV system is required in any personal or business premises. In general, the system is used to detect and prevent shops or home theft and prevent industrial espionage or vandalism. Replace or reduce security guards or to supplement them to monitor unattended sites or person entering and leaving any premises.
      For Organizations
  1. It monitors all exit and entry points of your premises.
  2. Comply with local security standards for official premises requirements.
  3. Secure your assets from illegal access from outside and within.
  4. Monitor your staff efficiency and performance.
      For Banks
  1. It helps prevent theft before it occurs.
  2. Monitor possible crime scenes for breakthroughs in investigation.
  3. Efficiently track lost items in case of customer complaints.
  4. Monitor suspicious visitors and their movements without their knowledge.
      For Residence
  1. It helps monitor break-ins and intrusions when you are away.
  2. Keep a check on errant house maids.
  3. Monitor remotely over the internet.
        Types of CCTV Cameras (HD / IP) :
  1. IR Dome Cameras
  2. IR Bullet Cameras
  3. Thermal Cameras
  4. Vandal - Proof Cameras
  5. PTZ Cameras
  6. Baby Monitoring Cameras
  7. Box Cameras, many more......
Secure yourself! Call us today!! 

At ACE Solutionz we provide customized integrating services at reasonable prices. 
We believe that you and your world are in safe hands. 

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